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The Careful and the Careless Led to Join the Living and the Dead by Thomas Rowlandson

Messier 78 The blue glow combined with the light-blocking dust in front of our line-of-sight gives this main region of M78 a ghostly feel to it, and the evaporating gaseous globules will eventually disappear, showing off the stars beneath them that right now only an infrared telescope can see.  Image credit: ESO / Igor Chekalin

The Earth’s clouds reflecting moonlight, creating a faint, reddish glow at a beach in northern France. Beyond the clouds lie cosmic dust and star clouds of the Milky Way. The constellation Sagittarius can be seen peaking above the horizon and Jupiter is shining visibly on the right, amongst the stars of the Scorpius constellation. 
Photo credit & copyright: Laurent Laveder (July, 2007)

With every blow,

comes another lie.

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Starting the first day if my 27th year with this cutie 🔭✨🎉street_spirits @animalghostss   This is seriously the best gift, it really means more to me then I know how to express. Thank you so much, I love you guys 😭 ❤️❤️❤️#27#happybdaytome

Volcano Eruption  by Greg Duncan
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Mount Kimbie- Before I Move Off

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